Discipleship Roadmap

Christian discipleship is a journey. In Lighthouse Evangelism, we take discipleship seriously and seek to help members grow and make progress along the discipleship journey. As a guide to our members, we have drawn up a discipleship roadmap.

Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour brings you to the start of this roadmap. To continue along this journey, we encourage you to take steps to be a part of Lighthouse Evangelism and make us your spiritual family.

Progress further along the roadmap by learning to contribute to God’s Kingdom and be involved in His work in one of our church ministries. And continue to advance by learning and starting to disciple other believers and eventually leading a cell group. 

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Then to ensure you stay vibrant and effective in life and ministry, avail yourself of further equipping which will help you to become more like Jesus.

To this end, Lighthouse Evangelism's Equiplight Ministry has designed a training curriculum and regularly offer courses to support you in your progress along the discipleship roadmap.


Equiplight is part of the Training Department of Lighthouse Evangelism. We seek to facilitate spiritual growth in Lighters and equip them to serve effectively in ministry. We do so by partnering with other ministries of Lighthouse Evangelism, supporting, and resourcing them. We offer training courses and seminars, Bible study programmes, and cell group materials to help members grow as disciples of Jesus. In this way, we equip Lighters to fulfill our vision “to be the light of Christ everywhere”.

We invite all Lighters to join the following discipleship roadmap courses, which are regularly offered throughout the year:

Icon Madein Gods Image

New Life Class

Icon Receive Salvation

Worship Foundations Class

Icon Water Baptism

Baptism and Membership Class

Icon Baptism Holy Spirit

Spiritual Gifts Class

Icon Get Equipped

Effective Evangelism Class

Icon Triune God

Follow-up Leader’s Class

Icon The Resurrection

Potential Small Group Leadership Class

Icon Join A Cell Group

Small Group Leadership Class

Stay tuned for upcoming courses by browsing our events calendar.

Those courses that are currently open for registration will have a live link leading you to submit a registration form.

Spiritual Gifts Class

Happening on 9 & 16 Novemeber 2024

Baptism and Membership Class

The class takes place in two parts – on Part 1 on 12 October 2024 & Part 2 on 19 October 2024.

Potential Small Group Leader’s Class

Happening on 12, 19 & 26 October 2024, and 2 November 2024

Swordlight Bible Class – Term 4

Happening 30 September 2024, and 7, 14 & 21 October 2024

2pm to 3.30pm/ 8pm to 9.30pm

Hero Equip
Bible Study


Let us grow in our spiritual walk and become equipped in God’s Word.

Deepen your understanding of Christ and join us in an in-depth study of the Bible through Swordlight, our weekly Bible study classes.

Conducted in small classes via Zoom across four terms each year, Swordlight is the door to gaining godly wisdom through lessons and discussions in the fellowship of believers.

For information on the latest classes, browse our events calendar and sign up for the next term!

Weekly Devotionals

Start each day with divine guidance by spending time with the Lord. Meditate on verses of the day and reflect on the wisdom from the Word through our weekly devotionals.

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Weekly Devotionals – 17 June 2024

This week, we will consider the 3rd of the seven Miracles seen in the Gospel of John. It is important…

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Weekly Devotionals – 10 June 2024

Daniel and his three friends were among the first group of Jews taken into captivity from Judah to Babylon. They…

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Weekly Devotionals – 3 June 2024

There are many key lessons we can learn from this 2nd recorded miracle from John’s Gospel. Remember, these miracles also…

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Weekly Devotionals – 27 May 2024

“His people” refers firstly to the Jews, the biological descendants of Abraham (Genesis 17:1-8). But it also includes us who…

Light College Extension School

The Bible speaks of the day when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord (Habakkuk 2:14).

Light College was established in 2020 with the objective to raise up and train pastors and leaders of Lighthouse Evangelism for the purpose of equipping the disciples of Christ for the local and global work of the Kingdom. Its Extension School regularly offers training seminars to promote growth in Biblical literacy and equip believers to meet the challenges of living as a disciple in our day. It caters to both the English and Chinese congregations of Lighthouse Evangelism and churches in Singapore and beyond. Past offerings include Let My People Think, A Study in the Beatitudes, 9 Supernatural Gifts, It’s OK to Not Be OK, and Healthy Habits. These seminars are taught by a world-class faculty and cater to those who have a hunger for the “meat” of God’s Word (Hebrews 5:12-14) and seek to live in such a way as to be “the light of Christ everywhere.”

Hero Equip
Hero Equip

Marriage Preparation Seminar

Couples are required to first complete the Marriage Preparation Seminar at least six months before the wedding date. The course is designed for engaged couples or those exploring the possibility of marriage. It will help couples gain practical keys to a healthy marriage, understanding it from a biblical perspective.

The Marriage Preparation Seminar will be held over two days onsite. Each session lasts for three hours. Upon completion of the seminar and fulfilment of criteria, couples may book the church-licensed solemniser and church venue for their wedding.

The booking of the church premises for weddings is on a first-come-first served basis and is subject to availability and approval. The church will only conduct weddings at Lighthouse Evangelism Tampines on the following days:

  • Weekdays (except Wednesdays)
  • Saturdays (only for first, third and fifth Saturday, and until 1.30pm)
  • Public Holidays (except New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Good Friday and Christmas Day)
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