Cell Emphasis Series #1

Michelle Leong

In 2019 my son was diagnosed with brain tumor. The world seemed to crumble on me. I was approached by sis Eileen who has since been my cell leader. She asked me to join her cell, go to church this and that, all I turned down until she gave up. I felt bad and reluctantly I went to their cell meeting.  Before that I was a pre-believer. My cell leader, sis Eileen was a down to earth person, motherly, cold outside very warm inside. The cell members would surprise me with text and automatically offered to pray for me. Now My son’s tumor has subsided and is now stable.  All glory to the Lord!

As for my family, we all received healing. My hubby’s varicose vein, my daughter’s leg injury and my heart attack. From the cell we learn to pray for and love others.

In 2019, my whole family was baptized in the same Baptism Service. Without the Lord, I don’t know what would have happened to my family and I want to express my thanks to the cell for the love and care.

Erica Ong

One of the most remarkable aspects of my cell group experience has been the opportunity for spiritual growth. Our discussions, studies, and reflections have enriched my understanding of my faith and opened my eyes to new perspectives. The diverse backgrounds and insights of my fellow group members have challenged me to think critically and delve deeper into my beliefs

Through our community service initiativesI’ve witnessed the incredible impact we can make when we come together to serve those in need. These experiences have reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of collective action and ignited a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Ruth Twang, our cell leader, provides us with a strong sense of community and belonging. She helped us build friendships that extend beyond our meetings, creating a support system that is both genuine and enduring.  

Lois Setoh

I joined a cell in late Sept 22. Thankful to the Lord for His provision of a caring community who journeyed with me and saw me through a difficult phase in my life.

In April 2023, I was diagnosed with cancer. The gestures from the different cell members supporting me through my treatment touched me and I saw God’s love through them. They accompanied me to the scans at hospital. Prayed with me when I was going through surgery. One WhatsApp me a prayer every day and another stood in proxy to pray for healing during our Miracle Service. On my surgery day, they even sent me to the hospital and back when I was discharged. I was witnessing how God provides through the different human angels during this phase. During my recovery, one sent me desserts and gifts. Different ones text me with encouragement and share words of knowledge from God. Though I was new to the group, their love and support helped me through this journey.

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