Winning the battle against Spiritual Warfare

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare form of sickness with no specific treatment available. After a fast recurrent, I had to undergo another operation. This time, while in the operating theatre, I had a vision and cried out to God for healing, “Heal me! Heal me!” 

After the surgery, I was lying weakly in the hospital that night when I heard a voice so close to me. It said, “I came to steal, to kill, and to destroy.” It came along together with other threats. I was very frightened and had no idea what I was experiencing. I told one of the sisters and pastors in LE and was prayed for and was told not to fear.  

Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ continued to pray for me as I continued to go for my regular medical check-ups throughout these 5 years, and always make an effort to attend the Miracle Service regularly. It was at the Miracle Service that I got to know about spiritual attacks, learn to pray for my own healing, and most importantly, to know the truth about God’s Word.

5 years had since passed, and I can’t thank God enough that I am completely well despite the dire situation in the beginning. I want to praise and thank God for His grace, mercy, and healing.

To God be the glory!