Way Maker

From my very first encounter with God till now, I went through many trials in my life, and He healed me one after another. I was hospitalised recently due to a muscle breakdown condition after excessive exercise – which led to an increase in high levels of toxins accumulated in my body.  

God is indeed a way maker & miracle healer. Due to COVID situation, I stayed in the hospital alone waiting for my blood test levels to drop while being hung on IV drip. God made the impossible happen by returning my blood test levels lower than what was expected. My doctor told me if these levels did not meet his criteria, he was unable to discharge me. When I got admitted, the creatinine level in the kidneys was high. I prayed unceasingly, and the level began to drop within the day. By evening, it dropped to a satisfactory level. All these seemed impossible, but they happened! 

God is indeed so wonderful that He sent so many guardian angels to care for me during my hospital stay. There were unexpected pouring of blessings and prayers from my loved ones and friends.

Although it may seem sad that I had to be hospitalised for four nights through Mothers’ Day, I was at peace all the time as I read His Word and listened to worship songs. I could only thank Him that He made these happened, to draw me even closer to Him as I had drifted away from Him for some time. I did not blame Him for my condition I thank God for His wonderful works – just as the lyrics to the song ‘Way Maker’ goes: ‘Even when we don’t see Him working; He never stops, He never stops working.” – Amen!!