To God Be The Glory & To Whom All Praise Is Due!

I really appreciate our cell group leader, Sis Tracy and her husband, Brother Jason for their faithful and wonderful leadership, their hospitality week after which means so much to us. They serve so very well as a team and we are blessed to be in their group and lives!

I would like to give thanks to Pastor William for his support on intercession prayers during my most difficult time. A court case on fighting for care and control of my son. I won the case and regained care and control of my son.

Thank you Lord Jesus for transforming my life this year, because I feel inner peace, calmness, and patience even when I am facing difficulties and challenges. I am amazed by how I react to people who are unreasonable and would suddenly blame me and scold me at work. Instead of getting angry or retaliating, deep inside my heart I feel very sad for them and would understand that they are overworked and stressed .

I used to live in fear, anxiety and depression for many years because of my divorce in 2015.

Thank you Pastor William, my cell group Leader Sis Tracy and all my cell group members at Cell Agape for their support and prayers during those challenging times.

Slowly God changed my character, and I started to serve in cell group, Worship Ministry and also as a Prayer Warrior at LEW on second Sundays.

I give Thanks to Lord Jesus for transforming my life this year and also for all the miracles and breakthroughs. I am really amazed at how He works in me.

Also Thank You Lord Jesus for using me, a broken vessel, to serve in God’s Kingdom.

I saw a vision in 2010 when I just accepted Christ. I know we are entering a new season and God is doing new things in our lives .

Thank You Lord Jesus for healing me. He is really a healer. I have no more depression, anxieties or fear. I will continue to press on in to prayers and serve in God’s Kingdom.

Thank you Lord for changing my heart to be more like you – love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness , patience and self-control.

I give You all the Glory and Praises for transforming my life this year. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Amen.

Annie Heong