Prayer Changes Things!

I watched the Miracle Service online, probably sometime in June. Back then, I just did an RAI, radioiodine treatment for my thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to my lungs. 

During the miracle service online, I prayed about my condition and typed a prayer request in the chatbox. On 11 October, I did my second RAI treatment. 3 days later, after an iodine scan, I was diagnosed as cured by the doctor. The cancer in my lungs had also disappeared. I know this is the work of God. 

Praise the Lord for my healing and I really wish to share this with the church and everyone around me. God is listening and God is always hearing our prayers. It is hard to get rid of cancer cells that had spread beyond the initially affected organs and I am really glad that I am free from cancer now!

June Yeo