Praise the Lord for It Is Done

I have had ulcerative colitis, a chronic colon disease, for many years. In 2018, I experienced a severe flare-up, leading to intense bleeding and I fainted as a result. I was subsequently admitted to the hospital, where after some investigation, I was given a high dose of steroids to alleviate the inflammation.

When I was due to be discharged, I was still experiencing persistent bleeding. Hence the doctor decided to perform a colonoscopy. But as I was wheeled from the ward to the operating theatre, I encountered a strange experience. The trolley bed that I was on moved rapidly along the corridor, which resembled old HDB rental units. All the doors on both sides were open, revealing corpses lying inside, and there appeared to be no end to the journey ahead. When I attempted to tilt my head to check with the hospital porter pushing me, I realised he only had legs, with no upper body. I became alarmed and called out to the Lord, “Jesus, what is going on? Where are we going?”

Suddenly, I woke up, realizing that my trolley bed was stationary beside the operating theatre, and I overheard the porters talking. Then, I felt an urgent need to use the toilet, and there, blood gushed out. I heard the words, “It is done”. Since that day, I have not experienced any bleeding. Praise the Lord!

For God has promised:

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

    I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

Psalm 23:4, ESV

Irene Lee