Lord, you are in control and your word alone heals everything

I am Veronica Chuah.

I want to praise and thank God for saving me from surgery.

I did a calprotectin stool test. My inflammation level was extremely high. Above 1000ug vs normal level of 80ug. The doctor suspected ibd Crohn’s disease and ordered an MRI enterology the next few days.

I rang my sister. She taught me to recite verse Hebrews 4:12-13 and for my anxiety, verse Philippians 4:6-7. We prayed together over the phone and I quickly wrote down those verses to remember in my heart and wrote down my requests to God. From Saturday night to Monday 12pm, I kept reciting Hebrews 4:12-13 and also Mark 11:23.

I was not feeling well on Monday morning. I kept telling God to heal me. By 11.30am, my stomach started to feel well. I completed the whole MRI process smoothly, telling God that He is in control of the situation.

My MRI report was good. No wall thickening or fold thickening. Small bowel is within normal limits. No bowel abnormalities. The doctor was surprised that with such an extremely high inflammation and my complaints of bad stomach pains, the MRI showed no abnormalities and could not locate inflammation. This baffled him but this was good news to me. The doctor kept telling me to do a capsule endoscopy to further search for inflammation.

I told my sister I do not want to do this procedure as there is a risk that this capsule cannot pass out from my bowel, then an x-ray is needed to locate it and a surgery is needed to remove this capsule. I will continue to pray and trust God’s complete healing so that I do not need to do this procedure.

I want to thank gospel lighter sister Doris who has prayed with me a few times over my digestive issues.

Praise the Lord. Glory to God as I continue to receive full healing for my digestive system.

Veronica Chuah