Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. (Psalm 30:2)

I attended Lighthouse Evangelism Miracle Service online last Saturday, 25/6/22 to pray for good medical results today.

Thank God for his favour and protection, I am blessed with a good medical report for 2 benign breast lumps removed. My family, friends and I are extremely joyous with my results.

In the Miracle Service chat, Psalm 91 was shared, another pastor also shared on the same Psalm 91 the next day. I prayed along to find rest in the shadow of the Almighty, to trust in God and seek his protection from deadly disease. I called upon his name for God to be with me all the way.

Last month, I felt large lumps in my left breast and brought forward my regular annual check, 6 months earlier.

On 01/6/22, I saw the doctor and the lumps were 2 water cysts which were joined together which made it more uncomfortable but it was removed on the spot.

However, I had another smaller lump in my right breast which had been detected since 2019, which seems stable. Nonetheless, I decided to remove the lump via surgery on 16/06/22.

The biopsy results took longer than usual and on 21/06/22, I was called to the clinic. Additional tests on the lump shows that it is DCIS, also known as non-invasive cancer, grade 0 cancer, precancerous or plainly cancer that did not spread. I thank God for the timely check and removal.

I was scheduled for further surgery on 23/06/22 to clear the surrounding tissues but an MRI I did on 22/06/22 showed 2 lumps which I was advised to remove first (results given today were good and lumps were benign). The MRI results called for a sudden change in procedure, which was called off at the eleventh hour, while I was talking to the Anaesthetist. I am still scheduled for the original follow up surgery on 13/07/22 and I continue to pray and trust in our Lord for complete healing.

I give thanks for all the good results I received for blood, biopsy, x-ray, ultrasound, MRI scans and the medical team (doctor and nurses) who showed much concern and rejoiced in good news with me.

I thank God for His perfect timing, His protection, His healing, His promises and His presence in my life.

I was not feeling well on Monday morning. I kept telling God to heal me. By 11.30am, my stomach started to feel well. I completed the whole MRI process smoothly, telling God that He is in control of the situation.

My MRI report was good. No wall thickening or fold thickening. Small bowel is within normal limits. No bowel abnormalities. The doctor was surprised that with such an extremely high inflammation and my complaints of bad stomach pains, the MRI showed no abnormalities and could not locate inflammation. This baffled him but this was good news to me. The doctor kept telling me to do a capsule endoscopy to further search for inflammation.

I told my sister I do not want to do this procedure as there is a risk that this capsule cannot pass out from my bowel, then an x-ray is needed to locate it and a surgery is needed to remove this capsule. I will continue to pray and trust God’s complete healing so that I do not need to do this procedure.

I want to thank gospel lighter sister Doris who has prayed with me a few times over my digestive issues.

Praise the Lord. Glory to God as I continue to receive full healing for my digestive system.

Rebecca Yip