Dear all, I have a testimony to share. 

I have been having problems with coughing and itchiness within my chest. Due to being a new mom, I am not able to take many medications. So, I tell myself I am going to run to Jesus and start praying so the virus I have will not continue to grow. 

I felt the itchy feeling in my chest on 19 Jan 2022 when I woke up. Since then, I started praying non-stop in the spirit while continuing to believe. I can’t fall sick because I need to look after a 7-month-old baby in addition to a 6-year-old boy. I keep reminding myself how Jesus died on the cross for me. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me pray and believe for Jesus to relieve me of this virus. 

On the 20 Jan 2022, at about 5 PM I had a slight headache. After 3-days I totally recovered. Hallelujah. I am healed by the name of Jesus. I am healed without taking any medication other than herbal lozenges. Jesus is good. Jesus is merciful and Jesus is my best friend. 

In these 3 days, I have learned something about my behaviour. Jesus has healed me. I am touched in seeing what He has done for me. I cried and promised Jesus that I will try to be good and to ask His help to be changed so that I can also be healed within. I am so happy Jesus saved me and that I can run to him if I have any problem.  

Praise God! 

Ezann Ong