Jesus Healed Me Completely!

“Fifteen years ago, my family stopped attending Lighthouse when we moved away. On June 15, 2023, my life took a drastic turn as an ultrasound revealed multiple fibroids and a large ovarian tumour with a 70% chance of malignancy, causing great fear and anxiety. Quick action led to a PET scan, confirming that it was cancer without metastasis.

Faced with the daunting wait for a specialist, my family turned to prayer and sought a private doctor. Two days later, I underwent a hysterectomy, holding onto the promise of healing in Jeremiah 17:14 through relentless prayer. Despite indications of cancer, the surgery miraculously revealed no malignancy.

A subsequent small tumour on my parotid gland required another surgery. Over ten weeks, my faith was tested, through two major surgeries. This experience brought my family closer and renewed our faith in God, fostering daily prayers and His presence in our lives.

Grateful, I acknowledge my second chance at life as a result of Jesus’ boundless mercy and love, giving all glory and praise to Him.”

– Karen Lim

Karen Lim