I Am a Child of God!

Last July, I noticed a lump at the side of my neck. It was not painful, so I was not bothered by it. As time passed, the lump grew bigger and I was advised to consult a doctor. The doctor put me through various tests and found that I had mantle lymphoma cancer. I was referred to see the specialist at the Singapore General Hospital and was told that this is a very rare type of cancer and chances of recovery are slim. 

At that time, all I could hope for was a miracle healing. My sister with her cell members and the church prayer ministry prayed for me. I even requested prayer from Lighthouse Evangelism. l was put through 6 sessions of chemotherapy. After completion, I had to take an expensive drug for 2 years. During my chemotherapy sessions, I did not suffer the side effects like fever or vomiting. I even had appetite to eat.  

I would like to thank God for seeing me throughout my treatment. He has provided for all my needs and that includes the medical expenses. Through God’s grace and mercy, I am not only physically healed but I also came to Christ amid this crisis. I am now a child of God and want to make a public declaration of my faith in Him by going for water baptism this year!

Choo Lay Ming