Healed of frozen shoulder and pulled nerve on the right arm, and hairline

I overstretched and pulled the nerve on my right arm sometime last year and it had impeded on my usual routine.

Sometime later, on 5 July 2020, I fell from 3 steps of stairs on a rainy day and as a result, I suffered from a hairline fracture on my right wrist. Though no surgery was needed, my right wrist was put in a cast. After 2 months of casting, my right arm became frozen, and I was unable to bring my right arm backwards.

I began tuning into the Miracle Service Online faithfully every Saturday. Soon, I realised that I could stretch and rotate my right arm to the back of my body. The healing of the hairline fracture on my right wrist was also evident from the fortnightly follow-up x-rays I had at the hospital.

Although healing did not take place instantly, I thank the Lord and praise Him for the complete healing upon my right arm and right wrist progressively.

Here’s an encouragement to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, even if the healing is not immediate, we got to keep believing in our Lord and wait upon Him for healing to take place. Hallelujah!

Brenda Lee