Healed of dizziness and nauseousness

I have always wanted to attend the Miracle Service after hearing so much about it from my sister since the Circuit Breaker period last year. However, I was always unable to reach home on time to watch the online service.

I decided to make adjustments to my timing a few months ago and on 16 Jan 2021, I decided to rush home for the service after my usual dinner out. But when I was about to finish up, I felt my shoulder stiffening and aching. I started to feel dizzy too.

I tried to finish my dinner and got home before the service starts. However, I started throwing up the moment I stepped into the house. I didn’t get to tune in to the service as I was too weak to stay up after taking Panadol. This episode came and left intermittently throughout the week. One day I was fine, and the next day, I wasn’t. I even went to consult a doctor in the hope to feel better. This episode continued till Friday.

On Saturday, 23 Jan, I went out as usual in the afternoon and had my dinner out. Half-way through my dinner, I started to feel dizzy and felt like throwing up again. I tried to finish up and arrived home before the Miracle Service. I told myself that I am not going to miss another chance today though I was still feeling dizzy.

During the healing prayer, I kept praying for the dizzy spells and vomiting that were affecting me the past week to be gone in Jesus’ name. All this while, I had my medication on standby during the sermon so I could take it immediately after the service. 

Praise the Lord! When I opened my eyes after the healing prayer, the dizziness was gone completely! The nauseousness was gone too! I shelved my medication and the dizzy spells and nauseousness have not returned since. 

Praise God and all glory to Him! Hallelujah! 

Charity Toh