Healed of bone spurs

I have been suffering from bone spurs on my lower back since the Year 2014, and this condition has been causing me great pain each time I carry heavy items.

I cannot stand for long to join my cell group during praise and worship, neither can I walk a lot during shopping trips. My mother even commented that I seem to have a body of a 70-year-old even though I am only 40.

On some mornings, I even had to lay in bed as I couldn’t get up. I went for MRI and physiotherapy and was told that there is no cure for this condition except to go for surgery, but the spurs may recur. I started to attend the Miracle Service regularly, and even though I had to sit halfway through the praise and worship, I would still attend the service.

As I continue to attend the Miracle Service, the pain had miraculously left without me realising it. I only noticed that the pain was completely gone a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord for His progressive healing over the years! I am now completely healed! 

 This episode had also taught me patience, one of the fruit of the spirit. Hallelujah! 

Evon Lim