God is Greatly to be Praised!

I have been following Lighthouse Evangelism’s Miracle Service online every Saturday at 7 PM. I would like to thank Pastor Rony Tan for declaring that with faith we can find God, and He is real. This is true because I was instantly healed from some of my illnesses, while progressively healed from others.

My prayer was answered by God when I received the medical report from Changi General Hospital.  I did not have the suspected rheumatoid arthritis and was diagnosed with just mild arthritis.

I received progressively healing for acid reflux. I was very dependent on taking two tablets of Omeprazole tablets to treat this condition for many years. 

Today, I threw away all these tablets, and I have not consumed any in the past four months.

I had anxiety and insomnia and was relying on anxiety and sleeping pills to induce my sleep. These medicines did not relax me nor help me to sleep. It was following a Miracle Service online that I found God. With my faith in Him, He healed me! He taught me to sleep in His embrace and I found peace. It is through this newfound peace that I stopped taking the pills for the past six months.

Thank you, Pastor Rony Tan. I will continue to watch the Miracle Service online. God is great! Praise God for all that He has done in my life! Amen!

Lucy Wong