God is faithful even when we weren’t

A few months ago, I started experiencing cramps in my right calf. These cramps would usually happen in the middle of the night when I am sleeping, and they are bad enough to wake me up from my sleep. Every time it happens, I would cry out, “Jesus! Lord heal me, please! It’s so painful!” Then, the cramps would go away, and I could return to sleep, and I wouldn’t think too much about it the next day. 

However, on 11 Nov 2020, the cramps came again in the middle of the night and though I was able to return to sleep after crying out to Jesus for help, the pain was still there when I woke up. The pain was intense enough for me to be conscious of it though I could still walk and jog. 

I received progressive healing from the Lord as I started praying and rebuking the pain. I must confess that I have not been doing it very diligently though. I skipped the Miracle Service Online on one Saturday, but watched the replay immediately after the Sunday Service Online, and Praise the Lord! The pain is completely gone the next morning! Hallelujah! 

God is faithful even when we weren’t. Praise God and thank God for His mighty healing powers! God is so good! 

Brandon Lim