Feeling rich in God’s blessings

I never believe in giving tithes to the church, and I do not understand why Christians must do that.

I remembered vividly in late 2019, I attended this session where Pastor Rony spoke about giving tithes, and why we must give 10% tithes such that the other 90% will be sanctified by God. He mentioned that he gave 10% tithes and got a lot more blessings in return. 

On the spot, I did a 10% tithes transfer to the church via Paynow and told myself that I will do it faithfully from this moment on. It was an on-the-spot decision, and I was very firm about it. It was painful at that moment, of course, thinking of how the 10% can help to pay for a new car installment, etc. The thought of how giving the 10% of tithes every month may mean that I have to give up some pampering in life came to me, but I brushed it off and told myself that these thoughts were created by the devil. 

I continued to transfer my tithes diligently, then Covid-19 struck. I suffered a pay cut but had never wavered in my determination in giving my 10% to God. It was hard and difficult, but I realised that I am still living comfortably, and I never had to worry about my impending credit card bills or my kids tuition fees. I am able to pay my bills every month without any debts, loans, or borrowing.

Although I did not get a new car, I am very proud to have owned 3 used cars without servicing any loans at all. God has led me to get those cars in such a way that they have become my investments and not a liability.

I am still enjoying meals and little pampering in life, and though I am not a millionaire, I feel rich in the blessings from God. Praise God! 

Raymond Chew