Be In Health, Just As Your Soul Prospers

I am Julia Yeo from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I am writing on behalf of my mother, Song Li Lian.

My mother found a small lump on her neck one morning. She consulted a doctor who recommended a scan. The scan showed a swollen thyroid with abnormal growth in the chest area of about 10cm x 10cm, diameter 15mm. She went for surgery to remove the thyroid in October 2019. Praise the Lord for the safe surgery!

Even though the thyroid was removed, the doctor recommended more check-ups. While receiving the radioiodine therapy in July 2020, the mark of cancer appeared during scanning. It was Stage 1 cancer.

We watched the Miracle Service online and prayed. My mother went for the second radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer in January 2021, no traces of cancer was found.  She went for a follow-up appointment on 17 September 2021, and they confirmed that she no longer had cancer.

Praise the Lord! Glory to the Lord!

Song Li Lian