Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Our lives are like trees. Having roots that grow into the river will help us grow big and strong, and bear good fruits! In the same way, when we know God and obey His Word, we can grow big and strong in our faith and begin to grow good fruit.

So as we let the Holy Spirit be our guide every day, He will help us to make the best decisions, and those decisions will always please God. We hope that through this series, will understand the importance of loving God, and allowing the Holy Spirit to help us grow and live by the Spirit in every moment of our lives.

A Gentle Answer – 28th June 2020

It is always so easy to be harsh in our words when we’re angry. Proverbs 15:1 tells us that “a gentle answer turns anger away, but mean words stir up anger.” Let’s learn from Jesus on what it means to show gentleness and grace towards others, that leads to love and forgiveness.

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Being Faithful – 21st June 2020

Cultivating faithfulness means to set our hearts on being faithful to God, our family and friends. We can do so by learning from God’s Word where God is the perfect example of faithfulness.

Join us as we learn about faithfulness from the 4 friends who were faithful to God and their paralytic friend.

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