Series: Blessed

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus preached the all-famous Sermon on the Mount. He began the sermon with what is now known as the Beatitudes, which is a series of blessings from God. As we learn from this “Blessed” Series, we hope that every child will grow to develop values that bring blessings to their lives as a Christian. 

Series: I AM...

In the Gospel of John, Jesus repeats the words “I am…” seven times. In this repetition, we see the fullness of His character. As we explore the “I am…” series, we desire for every child to grow into the character of Jesus.

Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Our lives are like trees. Having roots that grow into the river will help us grow big and strong, and bear good fruits! In the same way, when we know God and obey His Word, we can grow big and strong in our faith and begin to grow good fruit.

So as we let the Holy Spirit be our guide every day, He will help us to make the best decisions, and those decisions will always please God. We hope that through this series, will understand the importance of loving God, and allowing the Holy Spirit to help us grow and live by the Spirit in every moment of our lives.

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