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Miracle Service

Witness the power of God and His Glory and Goodness at our weekly Miracle Service. Join our prayer warriors as we pray with the sick and afflicted for a healing breakthrough.

Experience the touch of God and stand in proxy for your loved one that requires healing in our Miracle Service today.

English Service

We welcome you to join our community to hear the teaching of God’s Word and encourage one another in faith at our English Services held on:

Saturday, 3.30pm at Tampines, or
Sunday, 9am, 11.15am and 3.15pm at both Tampines and Woodlands centres.




华语崇拜聚会 – 星期日早上9点及11点15分(目前以脸书及优兔进行) 

福建/华语崇拜聚会 – 星期日下午3点15分(目前在下午3点以Zoom视讯进行) 


Let us pound on the doors of heaven together as one body in Christ!                                                                                                                                                                          

Cell Groups

Cell groups allow our church members to gather in smaller group settings on a regular basis to discuss God’s Word and support each other as we grow in Christ-likeness.


Be a part of God’s mission to the nations