Leading the body of Christ into intimate worship and unreserved praise


Each time we worship Jesus, the music we create together with the congregation paints a picture of God’s glory. We facilitate the worship experience to enter into God’s presence and to connect with Him in intimate worship.

Here are the sub-categories where you can play a part in our Worship Ministry:

Worship Singers (Praiselight)

Worship unto God is more than just good singing. As part of the choir, we are the vocal harmony of the praise and worship experience. As a team, we usher the worshippers into the presence of God.

Musicians (Musiclight)

Utilising an array of musical instruments, our band collaborates with the worship singers to create music that is conducive for the body of Christ to worship together.

Dancers (Gracelight)

The primary purpose of dance revealed through Scripture is to express the heart in an act of praise to His glory. We dance to the Lord in our worship services to honour God and express the essence of worship.

Being called by God to serve the congregation in worship is more than a public performance.

We welcome individuals who have a growing relationship with God and are willing to use their musical gifting to advance God’s Kingdom by contacting us for an audition.