Light College is established in 2020 with the objective to raise and train pastors and leaders of Lighthouse Evangelism to equip the disciples of Christ towards both the local and global work of the Kingdom. This equipping platform will provide Lighters a platform to be theologically trained so that one can be effective in their ministries.

Complementing both the ABIDE and the Equiplight Classes, the courses provided by Light College will provide disciples opportunities to enhance their faith and theological learning. Working in collaboration with ACTS College, the modules provided by Light College are fully accredited and globally recognised through accreditation by major theological education associations.


This coming September, Light College is launching our certificate of Leadership programme. More certificate programmes will be launched in the future.


The Certificate of Leadership Programme is for people who desire to engage in the theological and leadership related studies. The programme aims to enhance and equip the students’ development as Christian leaders anchored on sound biblical foundations.


The Certificate of Leadership is recommended for current Cell Group Leaders and above.


This certificate Program will require student to complete 5 compulsory modules and 3 electives.



o                 OT Foundation 1 & 2 (3 credits)

o                 NT Foundation 1 & 2 (3 credits)

o                 Pentecostal Foundations (3 credits)

o                 Biblical Interpretation (3 credits)

o                 Christian Leadership (1.5 credits)


Electives (choose any 3)

o                 Ministry of the Signs and Wonders (1.5 credits)

o                 Cell Ministries (1.5 credits)

o                 Pastoral Counselling (1.5 credits)

o                 Missions (1.5 credits) 


Students may choose either study options to suit their learning.


Credit Option:


                Students enrolled in the credit study option will be engaged in active learning beyond the interactive lectures through assignments, group projects, presentations and reading plans, and will be graded according to the exhibition of his or her understanding.

                Every module lasts about 16-18 hours over 4-6 weeks. Beyond the lectures, students should spend another 1-2 hours weekly studying and doing assignments, which may involve reading books/articles, completing self-study assignments, writing a paper, preparing for group presentations, or preparing for an examination.

                A student is deemed to have completed the course successfully by fulfilling all of the following requirements:

                Achieve a minimum grade percentage of 60%.

                At least 80% class attendance.

                The grades earned can then be counted towards the fulfilment of a certificate programme if one chooses to enroll in one.

                Course fee for a credit module: $60

E.g. 1.5 credit module = $90


Audit Option:


                Students enrolled in the audit study option will primarily learn by attending the lectures, and will not be required to submit any form of written assignments.

                Audit students will not be graded. Hence, attending a module under the audit option CANNOT be counted towards the fulfilment of any certificate programmes.

                Course fee for an audit module: $40

Having a sound biblical and theological understanding will enable us to minister effectively. And we are commanded to be diligent to present ourselves approved to God as workmen who do not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We would like to encourage you, especially the leaders in God’s Kingdom, to be on this journey of equipping.


Upcoming Light College Modules:


                New Testament Foundation 2 – Q1, 2021

                Old Testament Foundation 1 – Q2, 2021

                Old Testament Foundation 2 – Q3, 2021

                Christian Leadership or an elective – Q4, 2021


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