Weekly Devotionals – 29 March 2021

We feel the wonderful satisfaction of completing an assignment, especially if it is an important piece. Be it a work project, a home renovation, or a mission trip, we derive happiness from a job done well. All of us want to see the finished product. Perhaps even more profoundly, we desire to be a more completed and finished version of ourselves.
As Good Friday approaches, we have the blessed opportunity to think about Jesus and His Cross. On this day, we commemorate the great spiritual work completed by our Lord – the finished work on the cross! What a work that was! His sacrifice purchased our forgiveness and freedom from sin.
This was a special and unique work that could have only been accomplished by our Lord and Saviour. He came to earth with the distinctive mission of seeking lost sinners and saving them into His Kingdom. His coming to earth was crucial as it showed that He truly is Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life as our example. Then when it was time, He paid the price for our sins by dying on the cross for us.
What if Jesus decided not to pay the penalty for our sins? What if Christ rejected the “cup” of suffering at Gethsemane? Jesus chose to act upon the will of His Father to die for us. The mystery of His love towards us is truly grace upon grace!
The amazing way God works is entirely full of wisdom and power for it was His plan to raise Jesus from the grave 3 days after His death. We see the incredible significance for if there is no Good Friday, we would have no forgiveness of sin. And if there is no Easter Sunday, we would have no power over sin. Jesus’ death brought death to our sin and His resurrection brings our future resurrection in Him!
Let us go to the final scene of Christ’s crucifixion. At Jesus’ last breath, He cried out, “it is finished.” What was finished? What was concluded? Was He speaking of His suffering? The Greek word translated from “it is finished” is tetelestai, which means “paid in full”.
Jesus uttered those fateful words in declaration that the debt of sin owed to God was wiped away completely forever. Do we see Jesus saying “it is finished” over our sin? Do we marvel at the price Jesus paid to redeem us? Are we thankful that our debt of sin has been fully paid by Christ’s blood?
Let us rejoice again in the goodness and mercy of God! Indeed, whosoever believes in Christ and obeys Him will have eternal life forever and ever, and we can celebrate in the precious finished works of our Saviour! Amen and amen!