Weekly Devotionals – 15 February 2021

Most Christians are familiar with one of the titles of the Lord as being The Good Shepherd (John 10:14). If Jesus is our Shepherd, are we following Him? This is an important question because the Bible indicates that Jesus, as our Good Shepherd, is leading us somewhere. Are we willing to follow His lead? Perhaps the best place to seek out answers to these questions is to explore the familiar Shepherd’s Psalm of David, Psalm 23. Let’s journey together through this beautiful Psalm and look at 3 helpful keys.
1. All about Rest                              

(Psalm 23:1-3a)

We need to be constantly reminded on the Lord’s ability to meet each and every need. As the Good Shepherd, He takes responsibility to ensure that all His sheep are cared for. In addition, as a Good Shepherd, He leads us to green pastures and still waters. This past year has taken a toll on many people. Stress, frustration, and burnout seem to be growing. There is a Rest for the people of God and the Lord, as our Good Shepherd, has the ability to bring us to these places of refreshing. If this is true, why then is this not fully embraced? Perhaps, we become comfortable in our “comfort zones” and do not like being prodded to move beyond boundaries. I believe we are in a season where the Lord wants to bring refreshing to His people. Do we recognise it? Do we trust the Good Shepherd? Are we flowing with His leading?
2. Paths of Righteousness             

(Psalm 23:3b-5a)

David’s Psalm refers to pathways that allow us to become better acquainted with the names of the Lord (Psalm 23:3). What are these paths like? Let’s take a look at some of the names of the Lord. He is our Healer, our Righteousness, our Peace, and our Deliverer. How then do we come to know and appreciate these names of the Lord? Is it any surprise that the pathway leads us through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4)? It is in such places where we actually come to know our Good Shepherd in a greater way. The beautiful promise of His presence assures that the Lord is able to protect, correct, and lead His sheep by way of His rod and staff. In fact, there can be comfort found at such times. This serves as a reminder of the Apostle Paul’s promise of God being the God of all Comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3). Finally, we see the Good Shepherd as being able to provide a table of provision for His people in the presence of all his enemies. This certainly brings encouragement to the church of our day in the midst of the lawlessness and evil that we see around us.
3. A Fresh Anointing                                   

(Psalm 23:5b-6)

For those who allow the Good Shepherd to lead them down these paths of righteousness, there is a picture of copious amounts of anointing that cannot be contained. Can we see that this refreshing is provided to those who follow the Lord as their Shepherd? This is why the question needs to be asked as to whether the Lord is our Shepherd. This precious anointing not only meets our needs of today, but is a blessing that abides all the days of our lives. It gets even better; it abides throughout all of eternity.
Psalm 23 is known and beloved by most Christians. Many people can quote the verses and teach of its many truths. This psalm goes even further as it provides a blueprint in having a perspective for where we are today, and where the Lord is leading. The Lord is our Great Shepherd. He is speaking and leading His sheep to greater pastures and restoring waters. Is He your Shepherd?