Weekly Devotionals – 1 February 2021

Our church kicked off the new year with the sermon theme of “Vision and Values.” This set of vision and values does not only apply to the church as a whole, but to us as individuals as well. So, I begin with an important question for you – What is the vision of your life? When you know what God has purposed for your life, it will give you a clear direction towards where you need to go.

Vision is the ‘why’ to your life. Without it, life can be very unfulfilling. You might be in a situation where you feel like everything is stagnant. Perhaps all you are doing seem like dutiful responsibilities, rather than purposeful resolutions. That is where vision comes in. With vision, there are still responsibilities to be carried out, but the difference is that the vision is meant to lead to something that has an impact beyond your personal life.
For instance, if you are a school teacher without vision, you might see your role merely as an information dispenser rather than a cultivator of young minds. Without vision, it is likely that you would reduce the role that you are playing to its rudimentary form rather than its revelatory function.
When David received the prophecy that he would be made the future king of Israel, that was a clear vision for his life. Everything leading to becoming king was an important preparation for him. What if David treated the process with derision and disinterest? The outcome of his kingship might have taken a very negative turn. However, we see David growing and learning, and when it was time, he took on the role of king with valour and courage. So, if you have not received a vision for your life, ask God for one. If you have a clear vision, journey on with God one step at a time.
Having a vision alone is not sufficient. Values, the fundamentals that you must possess in order to reach the vision, must come next. Values are the attitudes and character traits that you have to grow and embody to reach the mountain top. Some have large visions but are unable to advance; the main reason lies in the value system.
What if David took the prophecy for granted and decided not to work hard? What if David grew in pride rather than in humility? You see, you have to craft out your value systems for your life to live by. For instance, if you want to run a marathon (vision) but do not have the discipline (values) for it, you will never succeed.
Values like perseverance, humility, or love are so vital. They become building blocks in the establishing of the vision. You have heard this saying that “Rome was not built in one day” so similarly, your vision will not be achieved so quickly. It requires hard work. It requires a spirit of not giving up. It requires you to become all that God wants you to be.
Take some time to write down the values that you will need to work out in order to reach the vision that God has planned for you. It will help you to be intentional and focused on what you must do to improve and grow.
May the Lord establish you in His vision and values for your life!