“Days of Power” – The Book of Joel

Hey Church, Light College New Course is open for registration!

Light College would like to announce its next course entitled “Days of Power” which will commence on Tuesday, 4 July thru 25 July. The classes will take place each Tuesday night between 7:30-9:30 PM. Our lecturer will be Pastor Benny Ho.

The Book of Joel is an interesting record of a disastrous locust attack upon the land of Judah. But behind this natural calamity is a powerful prophetic picture of what is to come in the end-times. The Apostle Peter quoted from this book to explain what was happening when the Holy Spirit was poured out in power on the Day of Pentecost.

This is also a classic example of how God can use what is in the natural, to instruct us spiritually. It has been said that those who learnt from history never need to repeat it again. That is our purpose for this course. An in-depth study and careful application of the lessons in this book will help us to avoid the coming calamity and live in the power of the Spirit.

Lecturer Profile – Ps Benny Ho

Pastor Benny Ho has seen a lifetime of ministry; including missions work with World Vision, planting bible schools around Asia, and over twenty years as a pastor in the local church.

He is the founder of Arrows College, a teaching and resource ministry to the broader body of Christ, and is the leader of D-Net, a network of churches that carry the mandate of being intentional disciple-making cell churches.

Pastor Benny is passionate about expository preaching and has a life goal of preaching through every book of the Bible. As the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church, Pastor Benny is known for his down-to-earth humour and approachable leadership style.

He is married to his biggest supporter, Cecilia, and is the proud father of three; Joel, Abigail, and Rachel. He also takes joy in being grandfather to Zoe, Agnes, and Elise.

“Days of Power” – The Book of Joel

Date: 4 – 25 July 2023

Time: 7.30 pm –9.30 pm
Mode of conduct: Online via Zoom

Scan the QR Code or visit https://tinyurl.com/LCXJul23 to register now!
Registration closes on 26 Jun 2023, Monday.