Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Annie had been concerned about the blurred vision in her left eye for several years which affected her, particularly in driving and in her work. Despite taking supplements, she saw no improvement and could only console herself by praying to God for gradual recovery. 

While serving as a Gospelighter on the final night of HEAL Singapore, as Annie kept her focus on how God would move through her to heal others, it did not occur to her that God may heal her instead.

During a healing prayer led by the evangelist, David Diga Hernandez, Annie felt an unexpected pressure on her left eye. Testing her vision thereafter revealed a remarkable discovery – the vision on her left eye was now even better than her right. Doubts crept in as she approached the stage, but she held onto her faith despite uncertainties.

As she stood in line, waiting to share her testimony, Annie prayed for total healing and continuously tested her vision by observing her surroundings. To her amazement, God fully restored the vision in her left eye.

Through her experience, Annie believes in persevering in prayer because God’s miracles may come at His divine timing, be it healing or any other prayer request.

Annie Yap