We’re expecting!

My wife, Carol, and I have been married for 9 years since 2011. We’ve tried various ways to conceive, including 5 cycles of In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and visiting the top doctors and professors at hospitals, but to no avail. 

After fertilising more than 10 embryos through IVF and all attempts failing, we decided to leave one embryo in liquid nitrogen and not to continue. We moved to Lighthouse Evangelism in 2019 as we had shifted our place of residence. We attended the Miracle Service either in church or online and the word of God became alive in us as we listened and meditated over it. 

In late 2019, after doing a 1 meal fast for 40 days, God opened the hearts of my wife and I to adopt a baby girl from Malaysia. As I spent time seeking the Lord, He showed me that my wife and I will have our biological child thereafter. 

After attending many Miracle Services, we decided to make Mark 11:24 real in our lives and we accepted the word of God by faith. In early 2020, we thawed the last embryo and believe in God. The embryo was of inferior quality at the time as it had been frozen for more than a year, but we believed in our hearts and knew that God would take the inferior and make it superior. The thawing process was successful, the embryo attached itself to the uterus and my wife is pregnant. 

Praise the Lord! We thank God for His word and putting that faith in our hearts to believe just like in Mark 11:24 so that the promise of both adopted and biological children became ours. We are now believing the Lord for even greater things, for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and for supernatural childbirth without any pain.

Praise the Lord!