Weekly Devotionals – 6th July 2020

We all have to meet God one day. 

For some, that is a beautiful truth. For others, that is beyond terrifying. How do we really get ready for something like ‘the end’? As believers, we know our time on earth is not the conclusion of our existence. It is but a micro-fraction of our eternity. I’ll like to propose 3 things we must do. 

1. Repent and Believe the Gospel

The Bible is clear that if we do not turn from our sin, we will die in it. Without repentance, our faith in Christ is not genuine. There are no perfect Christians, but true Christians are being perfected. 

Saying that we believe the gospel is one thing, whilst being transformed is another. May we constantly turn from sin and trust in the efficacious finished works of Jesus!


2. Apply God’s Word Daily 

I know that application talk is not in vogue. It is fun to elucidate and pontificate the latest think theories but ultimately, we have to go back to the tried, tested and true – living out the Scriptures. 

There are many bible verses that are earth shattering. The ideas of loving our enemies or living missionally for God are meant to be realities for us as Christians. This requires faith and action. Without the walk, faith talk is just rhetoric.

It is better to limp forward than to slide backwards. Real faith requires actual obedience. May we be a people who do the works of God!


3. Share Jesus With Others

Evangelism is not a new topic, but it can become an old reality. When our hearts are dull, the last thing we want to do is to tell people about the living hope we have. I long to be fired up and passionate for the Lord daily, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, instead of being ashamed of my lack of zeal, I make excuses. 

If I truly believe that hell is real and most people are headed there according to the Bible, I should be pleading for the souls of men. Praying for the lost is very important, but we need to pair it with actually preaching to the lost. May we have the evangelistic zeal of men like Charles Spurgeon, George Whitfield or John Wesley!

Let us be ready to meet our God. Time is short. Jesus is coming back soon!