Weekly Devotionals – 5th October 2020

The first time I experienced the Lord’s presence in a profound way was when I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was towards the end of a prayer meeting, in a little hut we called church, many years ago.

I was on my knees with a chair in front of me. Although I wasn’t seeking for the infilling of the Spirit that night, I found myself speaking in other tongues in an urgent manner.

It was as if liquid love was poured upon me and I was overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. I felt His warm embrace, though not in a physical sense.

With all my hang-ups and uncertainties as a young believer, I felt His approval and affirmation in an instant. From that day, boldness to share the Gospel became apparent to me.

Subsequently, most of my prayer time isn’t always that dramatic. However, on a number of occasions when I was seeking the Lord especially in a crisis, that wonderful sense of His profound presence would envelope me again.

If Christians would spend more time in prayer, they would experience His manifested presence more often. The Lord would somehow become so near and dear.

Though the problems might still linger, the one who has been in the presence of God would find new strength and a deeper insight and wisdom to weather the storm. He could even sense the Lord walking with him through the valley of the shadow of death.

In our busyness with our daily duties, there is a tendency to neglect spending time in God’s presence. I believe that many of our unnecessary and self-invited troubles are the result of such negligence.

I love an old popular Christian song entitled How Long Has It Been as it reminds me of the importance of intimate fellowship with the Lord.

How long has it been
since you talked with the Lord
And told Him your heart’s hidden secrets?
How long since you prayed?
How long since you stayed
on your knees till the light shone through?

How long has it been
since your mind felt at ease?
How long since your heart knew no burden?
Can you call Him your friend?
How long has it been
since you knew that He cared for you?

In his epistle, James encourages us to draw near to God and He will reciprocate. He is only a whispered prayer away. No matter how busy we are at work, His presence is fully available each time we turn to Him in prayer.

There are numerous promises in the Bible assuring us of His presence. I wonder how many blessings we have been forfeiting for not appropriating these promises.

For this week, let’s meditate on one assuring promise of God’s presence each day. Let that Scripture accompany us throughout the day, and may His presence be real to us.