Weekly Devotionals – 2nd November 2020

I believe every Christian struggles with his or her prayer life. We all wonder why certain important prayers of ours are still unanswered. Perhaps that’s the reason why many believers are demotivated to pray consistently.

However, prayer or communication with the Lord is the only means to develop an intimate relationship with God. So abandoning prayer means drifting away from Him and straying into dangerous territories where the enemies of our souls are lurking. That’s how Christians lose their faith.

Faith in Christ means believing that the Lord will keep His promise even when His answers to our prayers are delayed. Joseph waited some 13 years before God’s major promise to him was fulfilled and Abraham waited 25 years. In the meantime as they waited, I’m sure many of their other prayers had been answered.

God takes delight in answering our prayers, especially those not violating His Word or principles. Before His bodily ascension, Jesus urged His disciples to ask in prayer so that they would receive what they needed from God and their joy would be full.

There are believers who neglect prayer until an emergency occurs; that’s the only time they desperately pray fervently. So their judgement of God’s faithfulness is dependent on just one big, urgent prayer. This is the most dangerous approach to prayer and it has shipwrecked many a soul.

I strongly urge Christians to keep a prayer journal in which all petitions, big and small, are recorded for the purposes of consistent praying and tracking.

Study all the Scriptures regarding prayer. As a starter, I’ll append 7 such verses in this article. You may also want to learn more from my latest messages on prayer which are available on my YouTube channel.

As you learn to pray more consistently with the aid of a prayer journal, you’ll discover that different prayers are being answered at different times for good reasons. Although certain prayers may be delayed, others are being answered in amazing ways.

Consequently, your faith will increase and your relationship with God will be much deeper. Get ready for a prayer adventure!