Weekly Devotionals – 27th July 2020

The topic of elections is front and centre on both the local and international scale. Singapore has just conducted its recent General Election 2020. The United States will undergo a presidential election in November. Have you ever considered the election process for believers? Wait a minute Pastor, I am not running for any office so why should I be concerned about being elected to anything? What is Peter actually saying with regard to making our calling and election sure? In short, its about being chosen by God. Consider these familiar words of Jesus:
For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14). These words are for the believers. What distinguishes the many from the few? How can we be “elected” to be numbered amongst the chosen? Let’s look at three scriptural examples.
1) Joshua – The High Priest (Zechariah 3:2)
This is an amazing account where you find Satan and God contending over the life of Joshua (Zechariah 3:1-2). The Lord told Satan to take his hand off Joshua, then added the following words: he is a brand plucked from the fire. Joshua’s life captured the attention of the Lord. Reading further we find that Joshua was clothed with filthy garments. He was given new raiment and a much greater authority (vs 4-7). His example is one that will vividly portray the life and example of Christ (vs 8). Joshua was elected (chosen) while in the midst of a fiery trial. Remember, Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, yet the Lord removed them and gave him new ones. This should encourage anyone going through a season of difficulty.
Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction (Isaiah 48:10) KJV
2) The Lord’s Disciples (John 6:70)
John chapter 6 helps to bring this topic into a greater light. In the beginning, there are many people who are following the Lord (vs 2). At the end of the chapter, only a selected few continue to identify and follow on with the Lord (vs 68). How did these disciples get “elected” or chosen to be amongst the Lord’s inner circle? John chapter 6 is where the Lord made the message of the cross and the cost involved in one’s willingness to embrace the message known. This proved to be offensive to the majority of the people (vs 60) resulting in their decision to walk no further with Jesus (vs 66). They made a “choice” not to embrace the message. Peter and the others made the choice to continue with the Lord (vs 68-69). They were elected by the Lord due to the choice that they made. Will we be numbered amongst the “elected” of God?
3) The Bride of Christ (Revelation 19:7-8)
John was the beloved disciple who was closest to the Lord and the one who was given the privilege to write the Book of Revelation. His insights indicate that there is a company of believers who will be “elected” or chosen in being His bride (2 John 1:1). A strong marriage relationship is based on mutual love and dedication between husband and wife. Do we see the Lord as worthy of receiving our very best? Are we willing to pay any price so as to be like Him and near Him? Do we have doves’ eyes for our beloved? This reflects a people who have a true love for the Lord, a people who have prepared themselves for their bridegroom. How do you think the Lord would respond to such a loving display of affection?
In an election we choose people whom we feel will best represent our interests. The same is true with the Lord. As believers, we are part of the Lord’s election process. How committed are we towards our saviour? Like Joshua, is our life worthy of being contested over? Is there something that captures the Lord’s attention in the midst of our trials? Will we be like the many who only serve God for the miracles and blessings, or be like the few disciples who are not offended by the message and reproach of the cross? Our response to the above will go a long way in determining if we will be a part of this exclusive company. I want to be elected, how about you?
“Behold! My Servant whom I uphold, My Elect One in whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles. (Isaiah 42:1) NKJV