Weekly Devotionals – 23 November 2020

There are moments in life where we may have questions that are simply too difficult to answer. Although we try as hard as we can, we are unable to understand why certain things happen. When we go through loss or pain, it is so easy to be caught up by emotions and lose our sense of being.
For Habbakuk, he was wrestling with the pain of knowing that God’s judgement was coming upon His people in Judah. While he acknowledged that Judah’s sin was deplorable, he hoped that God would show mercy and grace. What exacerbated the situation for Habbakuk was that God was going to use Babylon to bring judgment to Judah.
We know that bad things do happen in this world. Most of the time, we read tragic stories that are far removed from our personal world. But like Habbakuk, when it hits close to home, it feels like everything is turned upside down.
My encouragement to all of us is to cry out to God. That was what the prophet, Habbakuk, did. He complained to God. He let out his frustration in prayer, and that is what we must do as well. Instead of complaining to men, complain to God! He can handle our complaints, our pain, our frustrations.
Though at times we may not receive the answers to our questions, what we receive from God is even better – His peace, His comfort, His love. Personally, I have stopped asking, “God, why?” To me, receiving His joy and presence is far more important than figuring things out.
As we continue to walk this life of faith on earth, my prayer is that we will sojourn on with the Lord before us, not behind us. May we encounter the sweet presence of God more and more!