Weekly Devotionals – 22nd June 2020

A few weeks back, the churches around the world celebrated Pentecost. About ten days prior to that outpouring, Jesus instructed the people to tarry and wait for that (Acts 1:4). What must have been going through the minds of the disciples and believers? For them, the events of the past two months had to be the most unsettling – the victorious entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, the passion and death of Jesus on the Cross followed three days later by His Resurrection. How could one possibly process all of these things?
What were the parting words of Jesus to His disciples before He ascended back to His Father? Jesus told them that they would be witnesses of Him to Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth. He also told them that they would receive power (Acts 1:8). A modern-day version of that vision statement could be as follow: “To be the Light of Christ Everywhere”.
Perhaps the disciples felt the same way as we do in wondering how these things could become a reality. We are in the midst of a Covid-19 crisis now and we have precious promises and a lofty vision, but how do we reconcile it when we are unable to gather in church? We know that the early church received Power at Pentecost, but what about the days that lead up to that moment in the Upper Room? How did these believers come to the place of gathering together in obedience to the words of Jesus? This is what I would like to focus on in this devotional. There are three aspects of “You shall Receive Power” that I feel is at work today that is preparing Lighthouse Evangelism for the mighty outpouring that is to come.
1) Power to Believe
There was a man with an epileptic son who believed Jesus could heal, but was aware of his own weakness of unbelief (Mark 9:24).
Do you have the power to believe that God will do what He has spoken for Lighthouse? Do you believe He can use you as one of His instruments? Pray to the Lord to help us in our unbelief!
2) Power to Unite
In the midst of all the activities in the past two months of the Lord’s earthly ministry, something was taking place in the lives of His disciples. Though confused and unsure of all that was taking place, many of the disciples came together as one in the lead-up to this moment (John 17).
Our entire world has been reshaped these past few months and the uncertainties continue. Still, there is this sense that God is at work cultivating and empowering a unity amongst His people. It is costly, but precious. The Blessings of True Unity are at work! (Psalm 133)
3) Power to be There
The Bible mentioned that there were 120 people who gathered at Pentecost (Acts 1:15, 2:1). Apostle Paul mentioned that there were over 500 brethren who were eye-witnesses of the Lord after His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:6). We do not know how many heard the instruction to wait for the Promise, but it is safe to say that it was more than the 120. There was a period of ten days between the Lord’s instruction and Pentecost. It appears that many did not heed the Lord’s instruction. What about us? May God grant us to be like the 120.
There are two folds to my exhortation in this devotional:
1) There is a power at work today that is preparing and enabling us to be positioned for a new Pentecostal Outpouring.
2) There is a power that will be poured out that will enable each of us to fulfil the commission of being The Light of Christ Everywhere!
Do you believe in the Lord’s power? Remember, the greater promises are reserved for the church of our days. In this brief waiting period, let us be faithful and willing to take God at His Word – To unite together as One in waiting for the Promise of the Father to come upon Lighthouse Evangelism.
Lord, we need another Pentecost!