Weekly Devotionals – 20th April 2020

We spoke about resetting our lives in our devotion last week and this week’s focus is on restoration. For families that have challenging relationships, staying at home during this circuit breaker period can be difficult. Jesus understands the pain of rejection (John 1:11, John 18:1-6, John 19:15-18). He weeps with us (John 11:33-35) and He will walk with us through our struggles (Hebrews 13:5). Our broken relationships do not define us. We are defined by our relationship with Jesus.
If we are in need of restoration in our family, we must look to God for healing first. Talk to God and read His Word. Healing can only come from God, not by our own efforts (Psalms 147:3). As we lay our hurts and anger before God, we pray that God will heal our hearts and make us whole. We also need the Holy Spirit to reveal to us and help us to confess and seek forgiveness for our part in the conflicts we face (James 4:1-2). We have all been wounded emotionally by others and likewise, we have done things that we are not proud of. Let’s come before God to ask for forgiveness as much as we need to offer forgiveness.
We now have the opportunity to make the best of our time with our loved ones throughout this circuit breaker period and restore deteriorating relationships. Our relationships with our loved ones are like a garden that needs tending to. Although we may not see the results of our efforts overnight, but God will surely do His wonderful work of restoration in many families as we imitate Christ’s example humbly and patiently. Our family relationships can be more blessed than before with the help of God.
We can begin the restoration process with the people we cherish using the principle taught in Proverbs 15:1. When we choose gentleness in our speech, tenderness and kindness will turn away wrath. It will appease others and melt away resentment. When Gideon faced accusations by the Ephraimites, his humble response appeased their fiery anger. Abigail resolved the danger brought upon by her husband’s foolishness with her submissive and respectful response to King David. In both instances, it was humility that enabled Gideon and Abigail to respond in gentleness.