Weekly Devotionals – 1st June 2020

We live in a world where being quick and fast is highly prized. Waiting is not something we tend to be good at. We are used to having our food delivered to us within the hour or products being sent to us before the week is out. There are deadlines we have to meet constantly. With everything becoming predicated on efficiency and speed, it is no wonder that many Christians are unable to relate to the bible teaching of waiting.

While many of us may agree that waiting is a principle taught in the scripture, it is hard to actually practice it. Let’s be refreshed as we take a look at the verse in Isaiah 40 again. Its claim is simple – if we wait upon God, our strength will be renewed.

God tells us that He will give us strength to fly, run or walk. These are powerful metaphors to show us what waiting upon Him will bring. The real challenge, however, is that we have to actually take the time to soak in His presence and wait on Him despite distractions from the enemy. We’ve all experienced setting aside time to spend it with God only to have something else cropping up.

We see this when Jesus visits Mary and Martha’s home. Mary was so enamored with Christ that she stopped everything and simply enjoyed His presence and conversation. On the other hand, Martha missed the entire point of Jesus’ visitation. She was completely frantic about impressing her guest and serving him food.

The difference between the two sisters was apparent. Mary was rested and renewed in the Lord’s strength while Martha was stressed and upset. Jesus had to tell Martha that she was troubled over many things and encouraged her to learn from Mary who had “chosen the good portion.”

What if we followed after the example of Mary? She waited upon Jesus because she loved Him. She was completely devoted to the Lord. Today, we can purpose to wait upon Him. The more we spend time with God, the more we enjoy Him and love Him. May we truly set aside precious time to be in the secret place of the Most High!