Weekly Devotionals – 15th June 2020

As Father’s Day approaches, I began to ponder about the significance of this day. This week’s devotional is about ENCOURAGING all the FATHERS AND CHILDREN around us!

To all the fathers who are working diligently and doing your best to be the best Christian father you can be, press on! Father’s Day is the day that we set aside to celebrate and honour you. As you continue to follow Jesus, may the Lord equip you and lead your family to victory! May Christ’s deep love continue to flow in your family, and may your loving relationship with your children bring glory to our Heavenly Father!

To all the future fathers, fatherhood is a great privilege given by God! It will be a wonderful journey filled with love and joy. However, you will also make mistakes and face failures. When you struggle and fall, let your faith and determination to raise godly children and build strong families keep you going!

For fathers and children who experience challenging relationships, all is not lost. God’s mercy and grace are sufficient for you. Hebrews 4:16 promises, “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

For fathers and children whose hearts are distant from each other, it is not too late to close the gap. Fathers, start getting involved and show genuine warmth to your children. Your relationship with your children can be greatly strengthened when you learn to be emotionally available, show warmth and support, offer comfort in times of distress, and believe in the best of your children.

Estranged relationships between fathers and children are often a result of sharp differences. Family ties are precious and valuable. Wherever possible, work towards reconciliation and restoration. Reconciliation requires humility to self-reflect and assume responsibility for one’s part in the conflicts. The road to restoration will take some time, but through Christ’s redemptive power as your source of hope, you will rebuild your relationship with one another!

Has your father been absent in your life? Has he relinquished his responsibilities as a good father? Has he exploited his authority over you? Only you can truly fathom the heartaches your father has caused you. I wish to affirm you for your courage and strength to face every day. God is the Father to the fatherless. God has the power to change your life. When it is your turn to be a parent, you can rise up to be a godly parent with God’s help! If you have chosen to continue to honour and bless your father despite his failures, you are a living proof of God’s character!

If you have made poor and bad choices as a father in the past, I pray that you will muster up the courage to seek forgiveness and make amends if it is still possible. Your child could still be waiting for you.

If you have lost your precious child, your loss does not make you any less a father. God grieves with you in your sorrow and He feels the same pain because He lost His Son too. In your brokenness, you may feel like your world has come to a standstill and your hopes for a future are completely dashed. With God’s help, slowly but surely, you can arise from the ashes of grief. I pray that God will bind your wounds and heal your broken heart with His love and gentleness. Your future in God awaits you!

Lastly, to the fathers who have wayward children, please don’t give up on them! Yes, they have caused turmoil in the family and acted like they are beyond redemption. However, this may be the season in their lives when they need love, forgiveness, acceptance, and someone to believe in them the most. If you probe deeper, they are just as helpless, vulnerable and wounded as you are. Remember that God loves your children more than you will ever do. Surrender your helplessness to Him. Pray unceasingly for your children. Lean on His mercy to parent them in ways that will lead them back to the path of righteousness! Finally, have faith that they will overcome this prodigal season. Look to your children’s brighter future in God!