Weekly Devotionals – 14 December 2020

There are many human emotions, and perhaps one of most painful is the feeling of shame. What is shame all about? Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress. It can be caused by one’s personal sin. It can also be the result of someone heaping shame on another with the intent to maliciously harm or hurt. Here are some biblical examples of shame.
In the first example, Adam and Eve felt shame when they sinned against God as they suddenly realised that they were naked. That was a rude awakening for them. So, they covered themselves with leaves, and hid from the presence of God. When the Lord walked in the Garden, they did not want to come out to meet Him because of their sin and shame.
The second example is found in Genesis 9. Noah was laying naked on the bed in his tent when his son, Ham, came into the tent, and decided to tell his two other brothers. Instead of covering his dad’s nakedness, Ham shamed his father.
Shame can be very devastating. If left undealt with, it can continue to destroy the hearts and minds of those it inflicts. There is no doubt that feeling ashamed can lead to good things – like repentance, and change in the Lord, but in today’s devotion, I really want to bring out the truth about living in shame, and why we need to find a real solution to living whole and right.
Perhaps you have been living in a cage of shame for many years. It has diminished your purpose, clouded your mind, sabotaged your relationships, and swallowed up your dreams. If that is where you are, hear the words of Romans 10:11. “For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”
The power to break shame comes from God. We know that. This verse, however, goes so far as to tell us that a right type of believing will lead to a state of no shame. How amazing is that? To be specific, a true belief in Jesus Christ will free a person from shame!
Some of us may look at our lives and only see past historical baggage. Trusting and placing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ changes all that. At the cross, Jesus was naked and shamed. The crowd mocked him. The Roman soldiers ridiculed him and called him, “the king of the Jews.” On our behalf, Christ suffered the greatest shame. He did not deserve it. He was completely perfect and innocent. Yet, He bore our shame and sin upon Himself.
Friends, if you are still suffering from shame, it is time to see the Son of Man lifted up high on the cross. He was shamed for our deliverance. Jesus paid it all. You can live with a new and clean slate. No longer ashamed. No longer guilty. No longer in bondage. You are a totally new person in the Lord! Hallelujah! May this be a reality for everyone who places their hope in God. Amen.