Weekly Devotionals – 13th July 2020

No one wakes up in the morning and goes ‘I hope I have a really terrible day today.’ There is a deep desire within us to have enjoyment in the things we do. We long to be satisfied. It is hardwired into our genetic code.

It is a popular notion to many that being a Christian means giving up enjoyment and satisfaction all together. We hear the Bible telling us to turn from sin and we assume it means that our lives have to take on an abstinence and ascetic form. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Psalm 107:9 is among the many bible passages that shows God’s heart for us. It says that the Lord “satisfies the longing soul.” Are you longing to find satisfaction in Him? It continues by telling us that “the hungry soul he fills with good things” Are you hungry for Him?

If we begin by having a hunger for the world, true satisfaction will always elude us. Real fulfilment begins with knowing God and being with Him. If we hunger and long for God, we will discover true satisfaction.

However, there is a lie that has been permutated since the Fall of Sin. Satan deceives many by telling them that God is a killjoy who only wants our servitude and not our joy. This is where we have to resist the enemy because this similar fabrication has caused many church goers to feel as if life is hopeless, pointless and meaningless.

Today, we can commit ourselves anew to the truth. God made everything on this earth to be enjoyed by us. Certainly, there are things in this world that are not good for us. That is why God’s Word is the guardrails and boundaries for our own eternal good. May we exalt the Lord like David who says “As the deer pants for the waters, so my soul longs for You.”