Weekly Devotionals – 10th August 2020

Recently, Pacer was gifted a few books by a pastor. One of them was “The Coming Glory” by Dr Brian J. Bailey. As I read the book from cover to cover, I needed to pause at many junctures to mull over and receive the truth in the book. In one section of the book, Dr Brian J. Bailey wrote about how “Called, Chosen and Faithful” correspond to the three anointing that we must possess. Introspection of myself was what followed.

In the world of Christian ministry, many speak at length about their callings. Genuine disciples of Jesus are very eager to discover their callings. We often ask God, “what are we called to do?” We want to be sure of our calling in Jesus. There is a generic call to salvation, and there is a specific call that God has appointed His chosen ones to fulfil. God first calls us, then chooses us. Matthew 22:14 says, “many are called, but few are chosen”.  We often stop short at that. We assume that figuring out our calling and being chosen by God suffice. Once we step into our calling, we prematurely rejoice that we will now fulfil our destiny in God.

However, in comparison to faithfulness, figuring out or stepping into our calling seem effortless. The most challenging part of fulfilling our destiny is to stay faithful to our calling. Yet, we hardly delve into faithfulness when we consider the anointing in our lives. Many of the heroes of faith, past and present, had to go through the refining fire before God commissioned them. They had their share of afflictions, times of darkness, days in the wilderness, trials and testings. It is the same for many present-day spiritual giants in the modern church. Many of them spent their early years of ministry in obscurity and uncertainty before the world witnessed the fruit of their labour. Many suffered tribulations in various forms. In those difficult days, they chose to remain faithful to their calling. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they had to battle and defy their flesh daily to persevere in faithfulness.

What have you been called to and chosen for today? You could be a pastor, a staff in full-time ministry, a lay leader or server in the church. Perhaps, you are still seeking God on your calling and waiting for the commissioning of the Lord. Remember, the area of service that you are called to is not your final destination. As you seek to serve God in whatever capacity you are in, you will face disappointments, problems, oppositions and even betrayals. God is looking for faithfulness. Don’t let the unhappiness you face in serving God be an excuse for you to exempt yourself from staying faithful to God’s calling for you. Don’t quit when the going gets tough. God’s calling for you is not flippant. You cannot change the challenges you experience in serving God, but you can let those challenges mould and refine you so that you can be a purer vessel for Christ. Let us be like Moses. Even if our generation cannot enter the Promised Land, let us continue to remain faithful in our course until the very end, so that we may be called God’s good and faithful servants!