Patience (31 May)

“WAIT.” We hear this ever so often and sometimes, this makes us really angry. We get asked to wait when we want to play a game or toy, or when we are hungry and there’s isn’t that particular food in the house. On other times, we may go through tough situations, and we can’t wait to get out of it, then as a result, we throw tantrums and say regretful things out of anger.

To have patience is to wait calmly without complaining or getting upset. Today, we continue to explore the 4th attribute of the Fruit of the Spirit – Patience! We see this in the story of Job (Job 1-42), who showed amazing endurance in the face of suffering and loss and his desire for an audience with God. Eventually, God restored everything to him! We know we can certainly trust that God will answer our prayers in His perfect time.

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

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