Healed of wrist fracture – Shan Bibi Kartara

On 3 July 2020, I went for a scan and an x-ray because of pain in my left shoulder. The scan and x-ray turned up clear and the doctors could not find anything but just some fluid in the bicep tendons.

That was the same shoulder that the Lord healed after a fracture in 2006, which the doctors insisted on putting in metal plates for it to function again.

The right wrist, which was also fractured, was completely healed. I still remembered Ps Rony cutting the fish & chips for me when my wrist was injured back then. The doctors mentioned at my appointment that the fracture line was now barely visible.

My right shoulder socket has since dropped further and although it is not looking good, I believe that I’m a work in progress and healing will come in His time because Jesus is still at the roots and He never fails.

When Jesus heals, He heals completely. To God be the glory!