Open My Eyes, Lord! – Lim Yu Ke

On 8 May, my right eye was swollen, and it was painful every time I tried opening it. This brought much inconvenience as it was my dominant eye. It was challenging for me to use only my left eye, and I had no choice but to keep both eyes closed for the day. The pain was unbearable and applying eye drops did not help. I skipped dinner and forced myself turn in early for the night.  

The next day, even though the pain persisted, I decided to watch a random Miracle Service from the Lighthouse Evangelism YouTube channel. I sat through the Miracle Service with both eyes closed. After praying through with Ps Rony, I felt better and could open my right eye a little with about 30% of the pain gone.  

With both eyes mostly closed, I continued to watch past English and Chinese services on YouTube. In one of the videos towards the end of a Chinese service, Sister Chris Chye declared that “the blind would see today”. It seemed like she might have meant it in a spiritual sense, but I felt the healing power of the Lord on me at that moment. By then, I could open my eyes with about 80% of the pain gone. After watching these services, I could resume my usual activities that day.


All glory to God!