Enhancing our visitors’ experience as part of our church family​


Our Hospitality ministry, Torchlight, plays an important role in ensuring our guests and church members feel the love and warmth of God by welcoming them into God’s house. As ambassadors, our disposition and interaction with our visitors and members shape the church experience for them.

Here are the sub-categories where you can play a part in our Hospitality Ministry:


We greet and welcome every visitor and member at our church services and special events. We keep track of available seats and guide attendees to them. Integrity and honesty are vital as we also collect and take care of the offering bags passed during our worship services.


We host our new visitors by welcoming them and providing information about what the church can offer. We may recommend cell groups or ministries to connect our visitors with other church members upon their request.

Holy Communion Stewards

Our church celebrates communion on the first Sunday of every month in all our worship services. As Holy Communion stewards, we prepare and serve the communion elements to the worshippers once a month.

Manger Assistants

We greet and welcome parents and their young children below 30 months old to the Manger at our worship centres. We render assistance to them with compassion and grace whenever necessary.

Café Crew

We prepare and serve refreshments and beverages to our worshippers before and after our Saturday afternoon worship service.

If you enjoy serving the needs of others and have the gifts of hospitality, partner with us and spread God’s love through your friendly and gracious services!