Healed of scalp infection – Paulin Chua

In early April this year, I had a very bad scalp infection due to stress and other factors that affected my daily life.

My scalp was very itchy, flaky and as a result, I suffered from really bad hair loss. Without touching my hair much, clumps of hair can easily fall off. As it was during the Circuit Breaker period, I could not seek treatment from any hair consultant but thankfully through prayer, I managed to get an appointment with a dermatologist at Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospital, who made an exception for me as the condition was affecting me very badly.

I was prescribed with medicated shampoo and lotion and did a blood test to ensure that the hair loss was not due to internal body issues. The doctor said that I would see continual bad hair loss for at least 2 more weeks before the situation gets better in 4 to 6 weeks.

With daily continual prayer, and prayer during the Miracle Service Online, my hair loss and scalp condition improved in less than 2 weeks after using the shampoo. My scalp condition got better day by day. I used to have fear of touching and blowing dry my hair, but not anymore.

The hair fall quantity that I noticed in late May 2020 has been reduced by almost half as compared to early April. Praise God for His healing touch on my scalp!