Healed of pain on the right hand – Guan Lifeng Michael

I am writing to testify of the mercy and power of our Lord Jesus Christ who had healed my fourth finger on my right hand completely on 18 July 2020.

Around September last year, I found that the fourth finger on my right hand had stiffened when I woke up one morning. As I tried to clench my right hand into a fist, I felt great pain which spread through my entire palm. I consulted doctors, but the x-rays indicated that nothing was wrong. I approached the TCM, but acupuncture did not help either.

I started praying over this finger from that day onwards and the condition improved a little after several weeks, but the pain was still present whenever I tried to clench my right hand. Sometimes, I thought that I was old and this stabbing pain would be with me for the rest of my life. But the scripture in Psalm encouraged me that “my youth will be renewed to me like an eagle” and I hung on to this promise that Jesus had given to me, that He would heal and restore me. I persisted with prayers and claimed by faith daily in His healing touch and mercy, and the condition of the finger improved day by day. Finally, the Lord healed me completely tonight as I clenched my right hand into a fist freely without any pain and stabbing sensation. Praise the Lord!

I would like to encourage my fellow brethren in Christ with my testimony to never give up because our Lord is faithful and merciful. He never gives up on us neither should we give up receiving healing from Him even though our prayer may not be answered immediately. The Lord has promised us that whenever we pray to Him, He will answer and help us overcome difficult and mighty things beyond our comprehension. God will heal us according to His time.

Praise the Lord!