Healed of Breast Cancer – Cynthia Lim

I discovered a lump in my left breast on 2 September 2019. I was only 37 years of age at that time. My parents told me that it should not be a cause for worry and that I need not go for checks, but in my heart, I knew I had to go. I thank God for guiding my hand to feel the lump and for His prompting to take action. 

After being referred to a senior breast surgeon at SGH, I was immediately sent for an urgent ultrasound and mammogram. Based on the scan results, the surgeon gave a grim report, saying that based on his experience, it was a 75 – 90% chance that the lump was cancerous. This took place on 10 September 2019. It was a date I could never forget because it fell on my mother’s birthday. When I went home to break the news to my family, our hearts were heavy with worry and anxiety. No words can ever express the roller coaster of emotions at that time. My parents, aunties and I gathered together and took turns to pray. We had never done this as a family before. 

A biopsy date was scheduled. Before the results of the biopsy, my mind was in great turmoil, the battlefield of God’s voice and lies from the evil one was very real. Never did I ever imagine I would have to go through this journey when all I had ever heard were stories about others getting cancer. The biopsy report showed that indeed the left breast lump was cancerous, and the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in my left armpit. Between the revelation of the biopsy results and waiting for a major 10-hour surgery involving reconstruction, I lived like a zombie. I could not function at work and suffered from insomnia. I prayed for a miracle, but it was more like an act of desperation. I knew I had robbed God of His time when I squandered the years I had. I was far from Him and let work, fulfilling personal pleasures, and other worldly affairs run my life. The recovery from the surgery was arduous and a test of my faith in God. I literally could not sleep for the 8 days I was warded. I suffered from the side effects of anesthesia and had difficulty swallowing and breathing after surgery because the breathing tube had been in my throat for 10-12 hours.  

On Day 2 of being warded, I remembered that in my drunken stupor having slept next to nothing, I cried out to God and said, “Lord, please help me. Only You can help me.” The doctor came soon after and gave me permission to sit up. I instantly could breathe better though I still needed to be on a drip and not being able to swallow well. To be able to do the very thing many of us have taken for granted, breathing, I can only praise God for His grace and mercy. It took me 7 months to complete surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. And the rest is history.  

It is an understatement to say that this journey has not been easy, but it was when I walked through this valley that I met with God and returned to Him, my first love. I would not exchange this experience for anything else in the world. All that must be remembered through the trials and temptations is the never-failing love that God has for all mankind, His beloved creation. My purpose in sharing my testimony is to attest to the truth of who God is. This is what I’ve learned and relearnt about God in this season of my life.  

  1. God is 100% good all the time.

  2. God never strikes us with illness. He wants us to be hale and hearty just as our soul prospers. 

  3. Nothing happens without God’s permission.

  4. God is never late. He is never too early. He is always on time.

  5. Sometimes when it is dark, it is because God is near. He keeps us safe in the shadow of His wings.

  6. God’s ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Something that happens in our life is a wake-up call to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, to live life fruitfully and responsibly for the Lord.

  7. God will never let your life experiences go to waste. He will use them mightily for His Name’s sake.

  8. Trust in the Lord must be partnered with obedience to Him.

  9. To try and escape death is a fool’s errand. God is the only one who saves.

  10. God = Perfect Love, when our eyes are taken off ourselves and fixed on God, we will have no fear.

  11. God always provides a way out for us be it through people, circumstances, or events that happen.

  12. God loves for us to be honest with Him when we pray. He longs for us to spend time with Him.

  13. When we spend time with God every day, we come to recognise his voice more clearly and quickly as time passes.

  14. Hearing from God is not exactly about hearing an audible voice, but it could be a thought, an impression in your heart, a word, a bible verse, a vision, a dream, a message from someone, etc. God speaks in many ways.

  15. When our minds are ruled by the Holy Spirit, we will have life and peace.

  16. When God heals us progressively, there is so much more to thank Him for on a day-to-day basis.

  17. Being intentional about finding something to thank God for every day keeps our eyes on God and His goodness.

  18. When God gives us the Holy Spirit perspective, we see the same things very differently. We don’t see things for what they are, but for who we are. 

A follow-up mammogram and ultrasound results declare that I am now cancer-free! Hallelujah! God has healed me progressively. All glory and honour belong to our Almighty Father who is in heaven. Amen!