God has changed my life! – Regina Choo

My name is Regina Choo, and I want to give thanks to God for changing my life. 

I came to know God when I was around 20 years old when my uncle brought me to church. When I stepped into church, I felt the unspeakable peace within me, and have been attending church since. 

When I broke up with my first boyfriend, I asked God for someone better and described my criteria list to Him. Our God amazed me by giving me what I had asked for. My husband is exactly what I had described to God, although he wasn’t a believer at that time. I tried to bring him to church, but he was not interested. Marriage, children, and work eventually took a toll on my life and I was too busy for God, and I stopped going to church. I had forgotten about God in the midst of the busyness. 

During this time, I suffered from sicknesses and depression. I was in and out of the hospital numerous times and had numerous surgeries, but the doctors couldn’t diagnose my condition. 

When my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, my husband was very upset. My husband told God that if God can heal his father, he will put his trust in God. Our God is a God of miracles. My father-in-law was healed, and my husband started attending church services, read the Bible, and gave his life to God. 

Our family shifted to Australia for 4 months and during this period, I suffered from depression and was admitted to the local mental hospital. I tried to commit suicide and was overdose on medicine. My husband went to a local church and prayed for me. He became dependent on God’s help and had become a strong believer in God. 

We returned to Singapore 4 months later and on one particular night when my husband was out attending the Miracle Service, I felt my leg cramping up all of a sudden. I tried to do some stretching exercises but to no avail. I went to the bathroom with the thought of using warm water to relax the muscles, but when a drop of water touched my leg, it felt like needles were poking me. I prayed to God to help me. I rushed out of the bathroom quickly and started to hear loud noises. I thought the loud noise was coming from my son’s mobile phone but realised that he had his headphones on. I returned to my room and the noise got louder and louder until it became too loud for me to bear. I cried out to God that instant and asked for His forgiveness. I begged for God to help and save me. 

All of a sudden, I saw spirits coming out of my body and they looked like demons and I screamed for God to help me. After a while, I felt drained and slept. When my husband returned home, I told him what had happened, and went back to sleep due to the exhaustion. When I woke up the next day, I felt like a totally changed person. I felt different, and I decided to throw away all my sleeping pills and antidepressants as I know God has healed me. I have not taken any medicine since October 2019, and I do not have to take any sleeping pills to fall asleep anymore. 

Praise the Lord for His complete healing upon me, and now when everyone sees me, they tell me that I look different with a glow on my face. They are curious what changed me, and I declared the name of our Almighty God. 

I hope my testimony can cast away any doubt others may have about God. Our God is real, and He has been my greatest help. 

Praise the Lord for everything, and thank God for not forsaking me.