Weekly Devotionals – 11 January 2021

In the Book of Proverbs, there are many good tips on how to develop godly and wise living. We find in this book, a compilation of wise, pithy, and concise quips or maxims.  They are insights gathered from observing life that provide instructions on how we can navigate through the different aspects of life wisely. No doubt that the book of Proverbs is God’s Word to help us to relate wisely with Him and others. 

Proverbs 2:1 implies that such wisdom can be found in God’s Word and commandment. Hence, Proverbs 2:2 would constitute a command to us, the hearers, to pay attention and listen to wisdom found in His Word. Not only should we pay attention, we also must incline our hearts to understand it.
How do we acquire wisdom? Like digging for precious gems, a person who desires to have wisdom need to pursue her through a diligent investigation and applying of God’s Word. The logic is simple. Just as earthly treasures that require to be mined and excavated, the wisdom and understanding of the ways of God must be sought after diligently through His Word. It is comforting to note that the treasures of the Word of God are not designed only for the scholarly or a highly academic person. Any Christian with an earnest, thirsting and searching heart, will be able to discover the precious truths of God from His Word with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is not a well-furnished mind that will determine one’s receptivity to the Word of God, but the condition of one’s soul.
In Proverbs 2:2, we are also shown what posture we need to adopt if we want to lay hold of God’s wisdom. We cannot expect to be fruitfully blessed if we just read His Word casually and mindlessly. If we expect to encounter God and His truth, the posture that is described in verse 2 must be adopted. Our ears must be attentive, and our heart must be receptive. We are called to devotedly search the Word. So, Proverbs 2:4 suggests that just as a man looking for silver would put in diligent effort in his digging, so must a man seeking the wisdom and knowledge of God put in diligent effort in studying and searching His Word too. We must not be content with mere surface findings. We must make the effort to dig deep into the Word of God. Earnest effort must be applied in the seeking and searching for the truth. Jesus Himself promises that when we seek, we shall find. For to everyone who seeks, finds.
When godly wisdom is acquired, we will have a proper relationship with the Lord. A proper relationship with Him will make the fear of the Lord discernible, and the experience of Him ensured. Personal and intimate experience of God are always enhanced through meaningful relationship and fellowship. It is undeniable that God is the source of all wisdom, and He gives to all who earnestly seek for it. The wisdom that is mentioned here is not knowledge to keep us informed, but to get us transformed. It guarantees that we will be enabled to live life with integrity and wholeness. It will guide, guard, and preserve us in God’s righteous way.